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Rolls for Non-Metal Applications
Rubber, calendar & Mixing rolls require high tensile strength along with wear resistence. As such clear chill roll with hardness between 60 - 70 Shore°C is so cast with three different zones of white iron on the surface, mottled iron in the middle and soft grey iron at the core, to ensure good thermal conductivity. All rolls are hydrulically tested to ensure the soundness of the casting.
Food Processing
Cracking & Flaking
Clear chill in various alloy categories are manufactured for processing of items such as Flour, Cereal, Sugar, Salt, Cattle-Feed, Edible-Oil, Chocolate, Cocoa etc. These rolls in hardness between 450-600 HV (60 -75 Shore°C) have uniform chill & hardness with chill depth between 12-15 mm in most applications (Higher chill for specific application are also offered). These rolls are supplied with either Single through shaft, Stub shaft, or Flange Fitted gudgeons. All rolls are hydraulically pressure tested and dynamically balanced with accurate grinding for mirror finish surface. High compression strength ensures longer roll life. Cambering and Grooving/Fluting can be done, if needed.
Besides the usual features common to most non-metallurgical rolls, paper mill rolls are made in special alloy categories in different hardness range between 65 - 75 Shore°C as suitable. Since most such rolls are usually subjected to high RPM, they are very accurately dynamically balanced. Paper mill rolls have anti-slip surface and can be supplied as 'Cambered'. Concentricity, Roundness and other dimensions in such rolls are maintained to very low & precise tolerances
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