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While we are currently capable of producing rolls weighing up to 6 MT with diameters ranging from 250 mm to 800 mm. We plan to increase our range two-fold by the year end.

Various qualities of Rolls are cast depending upon the application of these rolls. Some of the qualities are :

Steel Rolls (Alloy Cast & Alloy Steel Base)
Spheroidal Graphite Iron Rolls (Pearlitic & Aceicular)
Indefinite Chill Rolls
Clear Chill Rolls
Double Poured or Composite Iron Rolls
Hollow & Solid Rolls (for non-metallic applications)

These Rolls are made mainly for the following applications :

Ferrous Rolling
Non-Ferrous Rolling
Paper Calendering
Rubber Mixing & Calendering
Seamless Tube Rolling
Solvent Extraction through Cracking & Flaking
Compound Mixing in Soap, Chocolate, Paint Industries etc.
Stem Flattening Machines for Tobacco Industries etc.
Sugar & Salt Milling
Textile Calendering
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